From award winning producers Impossible Pictures comes… ‘Prehistoric Park’, An exciting new drama documentary featuring amazing animatronic models and spectacular CGI to recreate the Earth’s history and bring back to life some of the magnificent creatures that roamed the earth during the prehistoric era. In each programme, our time traveling zoologist presenter goes back in time to rescue different prehistoric animals from danger, disease, or worse… imminent extinction and brings them back into modern time to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary – ‘Prehistoric Park’! The park is equipped with, field specialists, vets and even other animals to help the new arrivals settle in, once the creatures are safely released into their new home, their welfare becomes paramount and viewers are treated to an in-depth look at these prehistoric wonders.

The parks time-portal takes us back to Pleistocene Europe, the home of the woolly mammoth; the swamps of the carboniferous to rescue man sized insects and reptiles and 75 million years in the late Cretaceous period to bring back the monstrous deinosuchus - the largest crocodile ever alive. Will they be happy in their new enclosures? Do we have the knowledge to feed and care for them? Will they find companionship with their closest living modern day relatives and will these precious prehistoric wonders survive long enough in order to breed and get their second chance at life in the modern day?

Narrator - David Jason
Featuring - Nigel Marven
Park Vet - Suzanne McNabb
Park Keeper - Rod Arthur

An Impossible Pictures Production for ITV in association with ProSieben / M6 / Animal Planet and Distributed by Fremantle Media

Music by Daniel Pemberton
Videos available from Fremantle Media

United Kingdom:
ITV1 - Saturdays 18:50
Episode 1 - T-Rex 22nd July
Episode 2 - Mammoth 29th July
Episode 3 - Dinobird 5th August
Episode 4 - Sabre Tooth 12th August
Episode 5 - Superbugs 19th August
Episode 6 - Giant Croc 26th August

Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine

Rest of World
USA, Australia & New Zealand (dates tbc this summer) Indonesia, Malaysia

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